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Corporate Privacy Policy

This purchase order, once accepted by the Seller or once the Seller delivers goods or services, becomes a binding contract. Any obligations are only upon receipt of the correct invoice. The order's terms and conditions take precedence over other agreements.

Complete Agreement:
This purchase order, including its attachments, represents the full agreement between the Buyer and Seller. Any changes must be documented in a change order.

Goods are inspected after delivery. If they don’t meet the criteria, they can be returned at the Seller’s cost.

Replacements are allowed only with the Buyer’s approval.

The Seller guarantees that the goods and services are of high quality and free from defects. Any breach of this warranty will result in necessary corrective actions.

Infringement Guarantee:
The Seller assures that the goods won’t infringe on any patents, trademarks, or copyrights.

All packages must be properly prepared for shipment. Any extra charges must be specified in the purchase order.

Law Compliance:
The Seller will comply with all laws, obtain necessary licenses, and follow safety regulations.

Protection Clause:
The Seller must protect and compensate the Buyer for any harm or expenses stemming from the Seller’s work.

Termination for Default:
If the Seller breaches the terms, the Buyer can halt further order executions.

No Assignment:
The Seller can’t transfer this order without the Buyer’s permission.

Governing Law:
This order follows the laws of the state where the Buyer is based.

Equal Employment Opportunity:
The Seller agrees to comply with Executive Order 11246 and related regulations.

Software License:
If software is provided, the Seller grants the Buyer a perpetual license to use it and promises updates without extra charges.

Details about this order are confidential. The Seller mustn’t disclose or misuse them.

If any part of this order is deemed invalid, it doesn’t affect the rest. Any changes must be in writing.

Your trust is our top priority. For any concerns about our privacy practices, please contact us.