Cookies Usage Policy:

Your initial visit to our platform indicates your agreement to the way we use cookies, as detailed in this policy. If you engage with our website, you're giving us consent to deploy cookies as set out below.

1. Understanding Cookies

Cookies are small files made up of letters and numbers, transferred from a website server to your browser. Each time you access a site, the browser sends this data back to the server.

They enable servers to recognize users across different pages of a site and even on subsequent visits.

Two types of cookies exist: "session" and "persistent". Persistent cookies remain in your browser until a predetermined expiration date, unless removed before then. Session cookies, however, expire once you end your browsing session.

2. Our Website's Cookies

We utilize both forms of cookies on our site. You might encounter:

1. Google Analytics Cookies: To understand user interaction with our site, we use these cookies. This anonymous data, like visitor numbers and the pages they view, helps us enhance our website.

2. General Site Cookies: These cookies, automatically generated by our platform's software, don’t compromise your experience or store personal details. Their purpose is to capture general location data.

Both session and persistent types are used in these cookies.

3. Cookies from External Sources

Embedded third-party content, such as YouTube videos, may introduce cookies from external sources. We can't control this, so we advise checking the respective sites for their cookie policies.

4. Purpose of Cookies

While cookies don't store identifiable personal details, we might link data they contain with personal information we have about you. We use cookie data to:

1. Track site navigation.
2. Monitor social media interactions.
3. Enhance user experience.
4. Analyze website engagement.
5. Manage our website.
6. Bolster site security and deter fraudulent activities.

5. Disabling Cookies

You have the option to decline cookies via browser settings. For instance:

In Internet Explorer: Go to "Tools" > "Internet Options" > "Privacy" > then choose "Block all cookies" with the slider.

For Firefox: Click on "Tools" > "Options" > and deselect "Accept cookies from sites" in the "Privacy & Security" section.

However, blocking all cookies may negatively impact your experience on numerous sites.

6. Removing Cookies

To remove existing cookies:

For Internet Explorer: You'd need to delete cookie files manually.

In Firefox: Ensure that the "Cookies" option is selected under "Clear Data". Then, go to "Tools" and choose "Clear Data".

This might affect website functionality.

7. Contact Details

Our team manages this website. If you have any queries about our cookie practices or this policy, please connect with us using the provided contact details.